Digital Hub and IoT

Digital Hub and IoT

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As a universal exchange operator and trusted third party, the La Poste Group relies on its digital BtoB subsidiary Docapost and on its platform dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) - La Poste's digital hub - to speed up the transition from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Services.


The IoT, an opportunity so long as services are considered...


It is a known fact, the digital transformation within our society and companies is underway, and the IoT is perceived as a major accelerator. Every second, 80 new objects are connected to the Internet (Oliver Wyman study, 2015).


Connected objects are accessible at a lower cost and are no doubt the future.


The challenge for companies and administrations lies in their ability to rely on these objects to develop services.


You are probably wondering how the IoT can integrate your digital strategy...

  • How will it affect your business?
  • What are the benefits? Will customer relations be enhanced? Will it enrich your offers and help them stand out? Will service quality or operational efficiency be improved?
  • What business model is required for good added value? What technologies are required?
  • What speed is required to quickly access the market and seize opportunities?
  • How much agility is required?
  • Is data confidentiality and user privacy respected (customers, employees, citizens, etc.)?

...with La Poste's digital hub, you can easily switch from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Services: develop your customised connected service offer for customers, optimise your operational processes, combine digital and human services, test new economic models and make the most of interoperability.

27 %

of all data will be generated by connected objects by 2020.

Source : IOC-The Digital Universe of Opportunity-2014

Advantages to La Poste's digital hub


Accessibility: a unique access interface for all information and objects, available from any terminal.

Interoperability: mutual ability to make the link between connected objects from various providers interoperable and durable. This ability is subject to the user's consent to access the data stemming from his/her objects and associate them.

Transversality: accommodation, smart city, silver economy, health, security...connect all kinds of objects and combine their uses.

Universality: guaranteed continued use when transitioning from one object to another. This specificity helps make uses, services and products installed by users and the companies who offer them long-lasting.

Trust: La Poste's digital hub makes it possible to collect and centralise data in a personal safe, thus enabling individuals to control the sharing of their information with third parties..

Creativity: creating and sharing new uses and applications thanks to an app store integrated in the hub.



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