Digital Division

Digital Division

The Chief Digital Officer as the flag bearer...

With the 'Uberisation' of the economy, digitalisation is no longer a fantasy, it is a reality which all companies nowadays must face off. This is one of the largest transformational and organisational revolution that companies and the whole society have faced over the last 50 years.


This culture shock, fundamental change in working methods and market approach, the digital is also a key factor of competitiveness and business productivity.


Today silos exploded and the new organization is to reinvent. All the company's services are thereby challenged in the way they do things but also to deliver their share of value added in the service / product offered to the customer. This is the main mission of the Chief Digital Officer with the creation of indicators (growth targets, customer satisfaction ...) to constantly adjust.


Affecting the entire value chain of companies, the digital implies real issues that the Chief Digital Officer tries to answer:

  • What the digital concretely means for my business, what strategy?
  • How can digital uses be applied to improve my business processes and make my company both more productive and agile?
  • What new business models and innovative offers can I build to improve my customers' user experience?
  • How can I enhance employee loyalty and recruit new talents?
  • How can digital uses help me win over market shares and expand into new markets?


DOCAPOST, partner of digital business transformation, supports you to meet your strategic challenges for growth and development.


We support you in the digitalisation of your business and customer experience processes, as in the creation of new innovative offerings.