Customer Relations Division

Customer Relations Division

Make your customers' daily tasks easier through digital processes


Digital uses, collaborative economics and social networks are completely reshuffling customer relations. Faced with customers increasingly connected, mobile, hurried and community-orientated, the Customer Relations Division is the first in line to face current challenges:

  1. Designing relations in multichannel and omnichannel mode
  2. Simplifying processes
  3. Making transactional processes easier
  4. Suggesting solutions and services that ensure a trusting relationship

New mobile and digital technologies - associated with traditional customer relations' channel - allow to design new pathways that meet consumer requirements: quick, easy and safe access to a service or product.


With DOCAPOST - expert of B2B and B2B2C relations - discover a wide range of solutions and services that help you to transform your customer relations and answer to critical issues such as market conquest, subscriptions, customer support and back-office.

60 %

of questioned decision-makers* consider that improving customer experience and simplifying processes are the most critical challenges in the field of customer relations.

Source : Stratégies clients digitales et CRM pour optimiser le parcours client


To attract consumers that are increasingly solicited, informed and in a hurry, companies must have efficient tools to send targeted and impactful proposals through appropriate channels.


By combining digital technologies and industrial solutions, DOCAPOST allows you to:

  • Offer hyper-customised content and proposals in multichannel mode: interactive document, paper, email, SMS.
  • Equip teams in contact with customers with mobile terminals and digital contents.
  • Support the sales teams thanks to outbound call campaigns (scheduling meetings, detecting leads).


Regardless of the customer process - be it face-to-face or remote - the integration of digital components speeds up and secure transactions, and improve sales performances whilst preventing breaches in the sales funnel. Directly linked to this initial transaction, an invoicing and payment process that meets the customer's expectations must then be established.


DOCAPOST conceived its Digital Transaction Management software suite, used to operate a transactional chain from A to Z:

  • Automatic customer identification and analysis of a file's coherence and completeness
  • Electronic signature for documents, with clearance levels that align with the stakes at hand
  • Promotion of multichannel consumption and invoicing
  • Multichannel payment, cash-in and recovery
  • Legal archiving for recorded proof of these transactions


Ultimately, customer experience is smooth, the transaction is secure and revenue is guaranteed.



Customer support and Back-Office


Based on an efficient Back Office/Front Office association, established processes must allow for fast implementation of any status changes (address, bank details, request for additional services) and direct access to private files to make these changes personally (self care).


They must also guarantee suitable management of claims and after-sales issues. The customer must - through the channel of their choosing - be able to send in a request and receive a suitable answer quickly.


By combining HR engineering and technologies, and regardless of your business line (Banking & Insurance, Services, Industry, Health, Administration) DOCAPOST links customer profiles with multichannel customer relation centres: this makes for easier customer interactions, simple requests are processed in self-care mode and complicated requests are processed quickly by specialised back-office teams.